Carpets, Silk and traditional cooking master class

10:00 Visit to Carpet Museum

The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum is the treasury of Azerbaijan national Culture. Established for researching, keeping and displaying carpets and carpet items, as well as applied art works, the Museum has the largest collection of Azerbaijan carpets in the world, of different weaving techniques and materials.

12:30 Cooking Master class in the Old City followed by lunch

Cooking master class with a professional chef learning how to make variety of Kutabs (traditional flatbreads with different fillings) and Shekerbura (traditional dessert with walnuts and spices)

11:30 Visit to Manzar Hajiyeva Workshop and meeting the designer

Silk has always been the most expensive textile in the world and through centuries it is known as the symbol of wealth and luxury. National brand Menzer Hajiyeva specializes on creation of premium silk products (women scarfs, shawls, clothes, men accessories) and combines centuries long hand-making traditions with modern printing techniques. In Menzer Hajiyeva Showroom you will be given a unique opportunity to reveal the secrets of the creation of magnificent textile samples and to become a witness of the unique pictures on silk to be born.



Tour to Yanardag, Ateshgah and winetasting at Fireland vineyards

10:00 Visit to Yanardag “Flaming Mountain”

The unique natural phenomenon of Yanardag will let the accompanying persons of the delegates reveal the answer to the question why Azerbaijan is called the land of fire.

11:30 Visit to Ateshgah Fire Temple

The official religion of the states that emerged in BC VII century such as Manna and Midiya was Zoroastrianism, the spreading of which is related to the self-flaming oil and gas sources. Monuments like Ateshgah temple – the sanctuary of fire worshippers, which is situated 20 km away from the city center, have reached our times in the territories of this region. Although the temple was destroyed previously, it was fully reconstructed in its initial place and form in the XVIII century.

12:30 Wine tasting at Fireland Vineyards

Join us for a fascinating wine tasting-tour that explores how flavors and aromas in Fireland’s wines are accentuated by the unique terroir in which they are nurtured. Our passionate and knowledgeable hospitality staff will explain the entire production process from grape-growing through fermentation to ageing. And of course you’ll get to savour a selection of award-winning wines whether sipped in our salon or while perusing one of our scenic vineyard blocks.



10:00 Traditional pottery master class

Underglaze painting with ornaments masterclass at the Center of Traditional Arts in the Old City. During the class participants will get theoretical knowledge and practical skills on pottery craft, ceramic products, dyes, kilns etc. and get chance to prepare own product from zero to the end.

12:00 Floristics master class

Floristics is the magic art of making flower compositions, the area where you can always be a discoverer and we invite you to explore the workshop of LILAC flower boutique and meet the famous top florist of the country-Dmitriy Turkan. We will start the introduction to this art and share with you the secrets of the language of flowers and basic understanding on a conceptional floristics. Then you will have to create a flower composition picking up the most extraordinary and exotic flowers. The creative work will be assessed by the professional and winners will get a special creative present.